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Organized Art Cupboard

It is no secret that we are a big DIY/Craft Family. My kids love to “do Art” and are constantly doing something creative. I knew I really needed to get our Art supplies organized and under control when it started spilling out of every nook and cranny of storage we had. I had stored our markers/colored pencils/pens etc. in plastic bags that would either 1. break or 2. would no longer be separated because the kids wouldn’t put things back correctly.

My Mother in Law gave me this old Antique Cupboard and I knew it would make the perfect Art Cupboard. I began to collect Glass jars to store our markers/crayons/pens etc.. and gathered a few baskets I had laying around the house for extra storage. Life is so much easier when things have a place and its easy for the kids to keep things organized.

Having the glass jars store coloring supplies instead of the plastic bags has helped the kids stay organized. I haven’t once had to reorganize these jars – YAY!

We keep all our extra paper pads in the bottom of the cupboard and some painting pads and loose paper in the drawers. I actually STILL need to get handles for these drawers. Its one of those things that I always forget to do until I go to garb some paper.

I am no Marie Condo but I do appreciate a well organized and functional space that serves our family instead of causing more of a headache for us.

What do you think? How do you store your art supplies?

I really like the screw on Jars because when the kids grab them they don’t have to worry about the lid falling off. Here are the ones we used and a few other Jars/baskets I love.

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