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Paper Gingerbread Garland

After we made the 2D gingerbread houses for the boys’ room (HERE)  I had this idea to make garland. This time I wanted the “icing” to actually LOOK like icing and not just paint. I originally tried just glue thinking if I kept it thick it would dry more 2d and raised. This failed and ended up looking awful.

I headed to the craft store to see about some fabric glue and that is actually what worked the best. It did take hours for it to fully dry but it was well worth the patience.


  1. Craft paper roll (here)
  2. Scissors
  3. Small clips (here)
  4. String or ribbon (here)
  5. Puffy fabric glue (here)

I knew I wanted my houses to be pretty small so the first thing I did was cut out a handful of squares in the approximant size I wanted. Next, I grabbed my pencil and drew out house outlines. I used this for cutting purposes only.

After I had all my houses cut out I grabbed my Fabric paint and free handed the rest. You could easily trace out exactly how you want your houses to look before you started using the fabric paint but I had already decided what I wanted.

This is such a fun thing to do with the kids too. You could have them help with the cutting/tracing and painting.

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