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Adding Curb Appeal with a Mailbox Refresh


Our mailboxes were…..GROSS. So gross. It’s pretty embarrassing actually. The last straw was when my door fell off and we used a zip tie to keep it on hah.

The wood was pretty worn and beat up but I found this amazing paint that is specific for weathered tired wood that isn’t rotten. It’s super thick and gets into all the deep cracks that is common with weathered wood (here).

I used the color thicket and used the same paint and color to paint our tired swing set too that we grabbed off marketplace.

We added a new flower box, steel mailboxes (here), some grass and mulch to finish it off. The difference between the before and after is crazy, right?

Adding curb appeal to your home doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Sometimes its just a gallon of paint, a paint brush and a few hours of your day.



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