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Bathroom Refresh

Hey Friends! We are all in some uncertain times right now with the COVID-19 spreading like crazy, business small and large closing their doors in hopes to protect the people they employ and serve as well as a potential health care crisis if things don’t get under control. Mandated quarantines for those who are sick as well as healthy to keep the spread down. I know there are SO many people affected financially, physically, mentally and more BUT I wanted to spend my quarantine days spreading some joy, having a positive outlook and nesting in our home with my kiddos. I just wanted to touch on COVID 19 so I didn’t come across like I’m unaware of the crisis around me or am being insensitive to this crisis.

So today I wanted to share our bathroom refresh. We remodeled our bathroom in our 1940’s about two years ago and I have LOVED it. We took everything down to studs and replaced literally everything and we found this amazing curved plaster ceiling that had been dropped down and covered by drywall. This is our only full bathroom and its probably a 5×7′ area so I wanted everything light and bright. I did use this minty color for the walls so it wasn’t starchy and it got old fast. I should have gone with my gut and just painted it white to begin with.

I painted everything including the celing White Dove by BM which is a creamy white and we added this adorable peg rail shelf around two walls to add storage and towel hanging space. I LOVE IT! Two things I love together – functional and pretty!

I have a fun shower curtain coming and I need to make some art to go on the shelf above the toilet but what do you think?

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