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Before & After Painted Half Bathroom

I have always loved painting. It is just one of those therapeutic things that I find to be very relaxing. Is it work? Yes, but I love watching how, with each roll, a space starts to transform right before my eyes. There are few things that change a space with as little effort and money like a brand new paint color.

Paint is a powerful tool and dare I say one of the BEST things to do to set the tone of a room.

After our Mudroom project was wrapping up I had a fresh wave of inspiration for our new home. I decided I wanted give our half bathroom a little makeover while I was waiting on a few thing for upcoming projects to arrive. I had the vision of a moody mauve space complete with a block printed sink skirt. We also want to change out the light and faucet but that is for another day. This post is specially focusing on the power of JUST paint.

This little bathroom had a lot of character already. It boasted tall ceilings, board and batten half way up the walls and a seamless built in mirror that I find to be so charming. There was nothing *wrong* with this room I just wanted to make it feel more like us.

After testing out a few samples I choose Bourbon Street by Benjamin Moore. It is a deep and bold Mauve that I cannot get enough of.

Over the years I have figured out the PERFECT painting trick to keep the toilet from getting paint all over it and to avoid removing it all together. I added Syran wrap all around the tank and I was able to fit my roller behind the toilet to get the remainder of the wall. If your toilet is super close to your wall and your normal sized roller won’t fit behind the tank, consider a small mini roller instead of a full sized one. They have extra long handles attachements you can get as well. It works like a charm.

One of the things I have really been leaning into when I work on a space if saturating the color throughout. I have noticed how impactful it can be. Since this space already had high ceiling, I went ahead and painted them the same color as the walls. It is SO fun and really does give you a colorful hug when you walk into this space.

There was a plastic vent cover that I also painted to create a seamless look. We used Benjamin Moore Regal paint and I didn’t have any issues painting over the plastic. Since it is on the ceiling it will not get touched so I am not worried about it scratching up over time either.

It took me a few days to get everything prepped and painted but look at it now!

Paint is really powerful in any given space but when you saturate the entire room, it demands attention.

What do you think of the before and after with JUST PAINT!? Crazy, right?

Little by little this house is starting to feel like home. For me, that means everything!!

Next up- sink skirt!!

I cannot wait for my block print fabric to come in so we can add a little sink skirt.

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