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It is no secret that I have become a total plant lady. I would live in a greenhouse if I could. I love how they bring life, texture and an interesting element to our home but most importantly I love what they do for our air quality. Maybe a year or so ago I found […]

All about Houseplants

I have taken a pretty long social media hiatus. Not my own doing entirely but God knew it was something I needed to do. Its funny how when you are forced to slow down and breath – like REALLY slow down and REALLY breath you start to see things as they are. Can you relate? […]

As seasons change


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This Old Fashioned Cobbler recipe is one of my favorite sweet things to make during the cold months here in Michigan. There is something special about the smell of pie coming from the kitchen that is sure to have the kids and the husbands helping get the plates and forks out. I usually will double […]

Old Fashioned Apple Cobbler


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DIY Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath Wreaths are a staple in our home. I always change them out seasonally and they can really add so much to your home with very little investment. Its a quick way to update the exterior of your house or even to add a element of interest indoors. I absolutely love Eucalyptus. […]

DIY Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath


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"The smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of happiness."

henry david thoreau