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Boys Clothes From Amazon

With being quarantined for the last few months I haven’t gotten a chance to get out and shop for Summer clothes for the kids. Grayson has grown like a weed recently and things are starting to get really small really quick. I didn’t have a lot saved as far as hand me down from the older two boys so I started browsing Amazon to see what they had. To be honest I haven’t really ever bought clothes from Amazon for the kids but I was surprised when all the things I ordered him came in. Everything was as described, good quality, affordable and trendy. I also bought him some shoes for under $20 – when they came in they were actually leather!! He has worn them around the last several weeks and they have been great. I am a sucker for easy baby/toddler outfits. My kids are always on the move and we are usually outdoors, with 4 of them I like things as easy as possible. I love one piece outfits because of the ease and also because when they get older and have an opinion about what they wear, once piece outfits are usually no longer their fav. Also the matching bottoms + tops trend are literally a moms dream. You don’t have to search or dig through the clean laundry for long to find the matching pair. The ribbed onesies are also a fav. Babies/Toddlers toddling around in the summer sun with their cute little chunky legs showing are so dang cute and they grow to fast not to enjoy the fact that you can get away with only wearing a onesie. I mean who wouldn’t love to be in a onesie all day? If your looking for some cute affordable summer clothes to add to your little guys or grand guys wardrobe I hope this list is helpful for you.





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