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Classic Boys Bedroom Part 1

Our two oldest boys have shared a bedroom for the past 6/7 years. It has been such a great thing for both of them but as they are getting older it is becoming more apparent that they are ready for their own separate spaces.

When I started brainstorming design ideas from his room I knew I wanted something classic and timeless that would grow up with him and not be to “young” or out of date in a few years.

I didn’t give him full reign to do anything he wanted (Hello Pokemon theme) but we did sit down together and I gave him some options to choose from. We started with Wallpaper. I had picked out a few different styles to choose from and he choose this beautiful Blue Ticking paper from Sandberg Wallpaper.

(Here is how it started)

Baylens favorite color has been green for as long as I can remember. I thought it would be fun to paint all the bead board, trim and ceiling green! I grabbed four different green paint samples from our local Repcolite paint store and narrowed it down to two colors for him to choose from. We ultimately went with Nicolson Green by Benjamin Moore. It was a softer transition to the blue ticking Wallpaper.

There is quite the balance when it comes to incorporating kids in their bedroom designs. For me I wanted to meet in the middle. Pick some things out that I knew would look good together and then letting him in on the process too. It makes him feel like he has a choice in the matter and Im happy too.


The roof lines are slanted making the ceilings in this room slanted as well due to the cottage style of our home. Baylen has really wanted bunk beds but because of our roof lines it was out of the question. They just wouldn’t fit. I decided that in lieu of bunks we could create a fun bed alcove out of an existing closet. The closet could be extended and the kicker wall pushed back allowing space for a full size bed.

He loved this idea!

Lucky for us the kicker wall wasn’t load bearing so we were able to easily push the framing back 18″, add more insulation and cover it all with drywall and bead board. The hardest part of this whole process was scraping off the spray foam insulation off the roof rafters to have even space to attach the new 2×4 framing. Thankfully we got smart and used an oscillator which made things go pretty fast.


We reframed and surround the new space in beadboard to match the rest of the room and I painted it Nicolson Green by Benjamin Moore.

Next up I hung a curtain rod and curtains to make it oh so cozy. I purchased the Fabric off ETSY (here). I love the mix of stripes and checks. Its such a classic combo!

I’ll share how I made the curtains in another post but I LOVE how it’s coming together. I added some linen bedding from Casaluna (here) and we are on the hunt for some extra layers to make it pop.

Our next step is sanding the all the floors + staining/resealing them. The original floor we refinished 11 years ago but it is TIME. They are pretty rough and scratched up and I loath the stain I picked. This go around we are going with a lighter brown.

What do you think of the progress so far? Baylen finally was able to sleep in his bed last night and he LOVED it!


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