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DIY Anthropologie Wreath



I had so much fun recreating this beloved Anthro wreath and I am so excited to share it with you today. I did save it to my Instagram highlight if you wanted to check the videos out as well – you can see (here).


  • 18′ flat foam wreath
  • 15′ round foam wreath
  • 12″ round foam wreath
  • Yarn ( I linked all the yarn I used at the end of this post)
  • Green velvet ribbon
  • hot pink ribbon
  • red sheer ribbon

So in order to get the layered wreath look you actually DO you three wreaths and layer them together. I completed each wreath before I attached them together.

First I started with my 18″ Flat wreath. Because I could only find a green wreath I first wrapped a layer of this yarn around the entire wreath and then added this fun bobble yarn to add lots of texture.

I then went through and added a few touches of green, hot pink and red ribbon ting then in double knots and letting the ends stay loose.

For the second wreath I used the same base yarn but then tied this yarn in double knots with loose ends just like I did with the ribbon on the bottom wreath.

I added ribbon to the second wreath in the same way was the first but tried to space them out a little differently.

To attach the wreaths I used the fuzzy yarn and tied them together in three separate places.

For the final wreath I used the same base layer and then added this fun textured yarn to make it slightly different than the other two. I also added a few ribbons as well. I attached the third wreath to the second wreath using the same technique as the first two.

This really was a very simple DIY and did not take me a lot of time. Total cost for everything was under $40.

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