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DIY Fire Log House

Have you seen these adorable Fire Log Holders? I just love how unique they are and how much character they can add to an outdoor space. After searching for the exact size I was hoping for and coming up empty handed I decided to DIY it.

What you Need:

1x12x6′ Pine Board

1x12x8′ Pine Board

Metal Sheet (Check your HVAC department in lowes or any hardware store) I used one sheet that was a 24×16″

Outdoor finishing Screws 1.5″ + 1″


Construction Adhesive 

Spray Paint

Outdoor Wood Paint  ( I used Cabot Acrylic Solid stain and sealer in the color Slate) I swear by that stuff!! It will keep your house weather proof.


Wood Cuts:

Cut your 8ft Board in half so you will have (2) 4′ Boards

Cut your 6ft Board is thirds so you will have (3) 2′ Boards

Take two of your 2′ Boards and cut one end at a 60 degree angle for your house peaks and the other end at a 20 degree angle to match up to the sides well.

Instructions :

Make all your cuts and paint your boards.

After your boards are dry lay out your two 4ft boards (sides) and 2′ board without an angle (bottom). Its easiest if you have a helper to keep things steady. Use your Construction adhesive to cut the bottom of your side boards to your 2′ bottom board. The construction adhesive I linked is a quick setting one so it wont take long. I waited about half the time before adding 3 screws in to each side. After you have secured each side and the construction adhesive has had time to cure stand it up!

Next grab your last boards (2ft with the angled ends) Be sure that the 60 degree angles are the peaks of the house. With someone helping; pre drill 3 holes on each board for the 2ft boards to attach to your side boards (4ft). After your holes are pre drilled use construction adhesive to the top of your side (4ft) board and attach your 20 degree angled side using screws in the holes you have pre drilled.

Repeat on the other side.

So the last step is the attaching the 60 degree house peaks together. Use construction adhesive and 1″ finishing screws to secure it together.

Next, take your metal sheet and cut it into 6″x14″ pieces.  Use the satin brass spray paint and spray each of your sections making sure you have good coverage. I let mine dry for a good 30-45 min in the Sun.

After they are dry gently gold them each in half length wise (hotdog fold). I did predrill the sides (see photo below). After you have folded them in half you can add them to your log house. I folded over the extra hanging over the sides to create a wrap around look.


I love how much this added to our outdoor space! It holds TONS of wood too!




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