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DIY Foraged Floral Wall Statement

Hey there. I am so excited to share this DIY with you today. I had this idea in my head for awhile and I am SO happy with how it turned out. I find so much joy in playing with flowers/stems and creating something beautiful from what God has provided.

I wanted a Statement piece for Fall above our bed and I wanted to make it as cost effective as possible. This whole project was under $20 and I could have made it for under $10 but I purchased and used extra filler which I will show you shortly. Also, before we get started if you choose to DIY your own wall piece just have FUN! The great thing about using Foraged goods and being creative is there are NO rules. Just do what YOU like or what feels natural and I promise the outcome will be gorgeous and it will be something you will love for many years to come.


Supply List (linked at the bottom too)

  1. Chicken Wire
  2. 2 Dried filler (optional) I easily could have used 1
  3. Pink Spray Paint (optional)
  4. Foraged Pam Grass and other wild fall flowers (dried for two days)
  5. Spray Adhesive (to spray foraged goods) OR hairspray

After you have found some foraged grasses and wild flowers your going to want to let them sit in the sun to dry for a few days. I do this for two reasons: 1. BUGS and 2. They are easier to work with after they are stiffened up a little bit.

After your foraged goods are bug free and dried slightly your going to want to use your spray adhesive or hairspray and spray all the floral/grass parts so they don’t fall off the stems. Allow 15-20 min for them to dry before you start creating your Statement piece.

Start with unrolling your chicken wire and folding it into a long tube (think tootsie roll) and then fold in the end pieces so you don’t cut yourself or scratch up your wall.

Next grab your filler ( spray paint the tips first if you want ) and start sticking the ends into the chicken wire holes. You do not need to attach them with anything. They will stay put and be secure in the chicken wire. You are just creating a base for your foraged goodies.

Grab your pampas grass and other wildflowers and start sticking the ends into the chicken wire. This is the part that you can be creative with and again -there are no rules. Create a pattern with your larger pieces are then go back and fill in your gaps will different pieces. I filled in my gaps with some Queen Anns Lace and smaller pieces of my bigger stems.

After you have everything filled in you will wanted to spray your arrangement again with either spray adhesive or hairspray. Be sure to give it a good coat.

After it has had time to dry – it’s time to hang it up! I used command hooks but you could use a nail too.

Thanks for visiting the blog today!



Chicken Wire (HERE)

Spray Adhesive (HERE)

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