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DIY Painted Seagrass Baskets

I have been working on our guest room/office/ space for what seems to be forever. With four kids projects go pretty slow around here. Anyways, I painted our art cabinet and started organizing the kids art supplies in jars and was really looking for some pink bottom seagrass baskets to store the things that I didn’t want exposed in glass jars and to add to the top of the cupboard for extra storage. I needed 2-3 baskets. After searching for awhile I found some cute options but didn’t really want to spend $25 on each basket. So, I decided to DIY them.

For two baskets and the supplies it only cost me around $20 – yay!

I ordered seagrass baskets (here)  and two of these light pink craft paints (here).

I loved all the color options of the craft paint – 88 colors!

It was so easy. The baskets come folded in and that is exactly how I painted them. My tape really wasn’t sticking well  to the seagrass so by painting them folded in it created a straight line and kept the paint line even all around the basket. I painted two coats on each basket and let them dry in-between each coat.

After the first coat.

Drying after two coats.

I love how they turned out, you would never guess that these were only around $10 each! They are the perfect addition to this little craft cabinet and will store all the miscellaneous art supplies we have laying around.

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  1. Kate says:

    I love it, so pretty I am going to paint mine tomorrow. I am painting the outside of one all pink and the inside of the other all pink. You inspired me to think outside the basket lol

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