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How To Add Curb Appeal to Your Home on a budget

Curb appeal acts as the welcoming handshake that a home extends to both residents and those passing by. The external appearance of a house not only reflects the pride of ownership but also sets the initial impression for visitors and potential buyers. A well-maintained exterior with charming details signifies care and attention. It creates a sense of warmth, making a house feel like a home even before stepping inside. A strong curb appeal can also increase a property’s market value and serve as a competitive advantage when selling or renting. As the face of a property, curb appeal speaks volumes about its overall condition and never should be underestimated.

Our home before

Our home after

Enhancing the curb appeal of your home doesn’t have to break the bank; there are many budget-friendly ways to make a significant impact to the exterior of your home while increasing market value.

Here’s a list of a few quick and simple projects you can tackle in a weekend that will increase your curb appeal, attract more buyers and even increase the monthly rent in an investment property.

  1. Paint your exterior doors starting with the front door
  2. Upgrade your mailbox
  3. Add Fresh mulch/stone
  4. Trim up existing landscaping/trees and add in some color with flowering shrubs
  5. Install simple solar paneled path lights
  6. Replace gutters
  7. Replace exterior lighting
  8. Install New updated house numbers
  9. Power wash the exterior of your home and your driveway/walkways

Exterior Before

If you have a larger budget and wanted to really transform the exterior of your home here are a few ideas that are more involved but will overall increase your homes resell value.

  1. Add a front porch for dimension to a flat home and extended living space
  2. Create an outdoor dining space
  3. Add fencing around your property
  4. Replace old windows
  5. Replace garage door
  6. Upgrade all exterior doors
  7. If needed replace siding or paint existing sididng
  8. Replace roof

Our exterior transformation has been ten year sin the making. We haven’t done everything at once and there is still things that can be done but the impact is dramatic and we haven’t even replaced the siding however, we did paint it…twice ha! Door color is Emerging Taupe by SW. Siding Snowbound by SW. Trim is Accessible Beige by SW.

Exterior After

Curb appeal can be enhanced with both small and large budgets. Take a look at your home and imagine what it would be like to be walking by. How can you make it stand out?

I hope this inspired you to give your curb appeal a boost.






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