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Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cups

I’ve been following a Keto diet for about a month now and I have felt SO. MUCH. BETTER! Keto if your not familiar is a low carb, no sugar, high (healthy) fat diet. BUT that no sugar thing kills me – I have the biggest sweet tooth. I could eat dessert instead of a meal every day, not kidding.  But I want to feel good, be healthy, and be the best version of myself so I have had to search for some alternatives.  It’s actually been kind of fun to search for new products to some of our much loved pantry staples and to try new recipes. Which brings me to these YUMMY Peanut Butter Cups. I mean look at these…they can’t be healthy, right? Oh friend, but they are!

Click on the item to be brought to an affiliate link. These ingredients can also be found at your local grocery or health food store. I purchased the Wilton heart cups years ago but found them on amazon.

  1. Heart Silicone Baking Cups 
  2. Lillys Stevia Sweetened Chocolate Chips
  3. Smuckers All Natural Peanut Butter
  4. Organic Coconut Oil

First, place the bag of chocolate chips and 2 TBS of coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl. Heat in 30 second intervals for about two minutes or until melted and mixing in-between. With a spoon cover the bottom of the heart cups with a thin layer of chocolate Approx. 2 TBS (no need to grease cups).  After all the cups are filled place them in the freezer for about 5 minutes.

Next, Spoon a heaping Tablespoon ( or more if you really love peanut butter ) on top of the frozen chocolate layer. I used a toothpick to evenly spread the peanut butter to the sides but anything you have will work, including your finger – were not fancy around here.

Finally, cover the peanut butter with the remaining chocolate Aprox. 1 TBS or until the peanut butter is fully cover. If you have extra just keep adding chocolate. Place in the freezer for about 20 minutes and then ENJOY!

You can customize this recipe to your preference. If you like more chocolate add more and if you like more peanut butter throw more in there. This is such a simple dessert I was able to complete it all while my kids ate their lunch – WIN! Thanks for stopping by today!

  1. Katie says:

    These look great! You’ll have to save me one next time you make them! 🙂

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