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Laundry Space

When we first moved into our house the Laundry was actually in the basement. As our family grew, luging laundry up and down three floors with three became quite the chore.

Our Entryway was an addition from the 80s and it’s actually quite spacious for a house built in the 40s. We had two huge closet that were not my favorite. They had dark pretend wood bifolds that half the time wouldn’t open and since they were dark they really closed in the space. One of the closets turned into a bench with storage underneath and the other closet directly across became our laundry nook.

I love how it all came together. I wanted to make it pretty yet functional. Since we are a family of 6 I do laundry frequently but its also right off our back entryway so when you walk into our home you will see it. We used jars and baskets to hide our frequently used items. We used a pretty yet simple wallpaper with two open shelves with a pathos plant in a cute planter and some art to really mix functional with pretty. We added a basket light and shiplap to the ceiling to really complete this small nook. Our washer and dryer are behind linen curtains to keep them hidden.

Sometimes to make your home function better you have to use space that you already have and make it work FOR you instead of against you. We have found that time and time again with our home. As our family grows our needs change and sometimes we have to adjust how we use different spaces in our home.


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