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Mothers Day Gift Guide under $50

Mothers Day is fast approaching believe it or not and I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite gift ideas for all the mamas or mama figures in your life. I could have probably added 50 plus more items to this list but I wanted to keep it sweet, simple and best of all affordable.

This year we are staying Home and most likely mailing my MIL gift which could be fun to tuck a few extra sweet things inside from the kids. Even though things will be different than “normal” this year there is still so much opportunity to make that sweet mama figure in your life feel special and loved even if its from a distance.

A few ideas that cost under a dollar are mailing a sweet handwritten note and tucking some art from the kids inside. Maybe writing out some of your fondest memories or a heartfelt message of how this sweet lady has helped shape you into the person you are. I am not always the best at that and sometimes is just what someone needs to hear. Also make mailing or dropping off a special treat and some fresh flowers. I think to often we relate spending money with feeling special or feeling love and really we can make someone feel those things without spending a lot of money. So if you are in a season of saving or in the realm of the unknowns are worried about mothers day gifts, there is so much to be said about simplicity in this day of recognizing those Mother figures in our lives.

So here is the gift guide I put together all under $50.


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