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Small Bathroom Storage DIY Peg Rail

In a home with one full Bathroom for 6 people – storage is essential! We do have a linen closet right outside of the Bathroom but creating storage in a very small bathroom has been a challenge. Space is limited and I don’t want to clutter it up and make it feel smaller than it already is.

To really maximize this Bathroom we decided to add a Peg rail over a year ago. After living with it – its the perfect solution to a small Bathroom, an entry way, pantry and Kitchen! The shelf allows you to store or display items on the top and the pegs allow you to hang frequently used items for easy access. I love the old world English vibe it gives too.

I can add jars of frequently used items such as cotton balls and q tips on the shelf above and hang baskets for additional storage. I put toilet paper, extra soap, razors, Epsom salt, and extra shampoo in mine.

A Peg Rail is super easy to make. A few boards and some pegs.

We used a 1×4 for both the peg rail back and the shelf above.


  1. 1×4 inch board (2) one for back and one for shelf
  2. Pegs (comes in a pack of 24 here)
  3. Wood Glue or Construction Adhesive
  4. interior wood Screws

First take your first 1×4 board and draw a center line. Then decide how far apart you want your pegs. We did 5″ apart and marked off every 5″ to pre drill each peg hole.

I secured added wood glue on the outside of the peg before adding it into the pre drilled hole.

Once the glue was dried we added the peg rail to the wall using screws then added the top shelf board with glue and screws.

We have lived in our house for almost 10 years now- time flies! One of the biggest lessons I have learned as we have transformed our home is that you CAN make your home work for your family with utilizing every square inch of space available to you and also prioritizing what truly important to you and your family and also not holding on to things you don’t use frequently!


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