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Valentines Cookies, Drinks, Gift guide and Craft

Valentines Day is right around the corner and we have been adding all things Valentine into our Homeschool days.

We don’t usually go all out for Valentines Day but I do try and make each Holiday special. This year we made Homemade Sugar cookies (Recipe here).

We used this new Vegetable based dye (here) for our icing and the colors are so good. It comes as a powder and you mix it in water to create the dye and then add it into your icing. It was as simple process and I felt so much better about watching my kids eat it.

We made this really fun drink that was a HIT. It was so simple to make but really festive, fun and could be made for any holiday. You just need a fancy glass, jet puff, some sprinkles, cotton candy and sprite. The cotton candy really just makes the drink a fun color so for Valentines day we used pink but you could use any color.

If you are like me by February I am READY for Spring. I made this adorable planter of Succulents in the shape of a heart. It was good for my soul to get some dirt under my fingernails. This would be such a great gift for a friend/Grandparent or a great homeschool craft too. I just used mini succulents, a fun concrete planter, and some cacti soil. Succulents are really easy to care for and require little water but bright light.

These plants are from a local nursery but Lowes has some great options and you can find all sorts of unique plants/Succulents on Etsy too!

On Valentines Day night I have a special dinner planned and I do get the kids a few small gifts. If your looking for some great gift ideas you can check them out (here).



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