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Welcome to our new Home

Welcome to our new home. I can’t even believe after all these years that we finally have moved!!

(Front Entry way)

If you didn’t know we have searched, made offers on and even purchased property to build in the past five years. We would pray before each offer and would follow what we thought God wanted.  All of those doors had closed and we laid down our desire to build a forever home aside. We honestly thought that God just wanted us to stay in our home forever. Not that we weren’t content, because we were, but we desired a larger yard for our kids to play in.

We had tried for a few years to purchase our neighbors adjoining 1/2 acre so we could build a pole barn and install a pool (our entire side yard was a septic system). The door that had seemed open also closed for us right after we sold our dream property when she decided she didn’t want sell.

We have felt the sting of disappointment SO MANY times! We have questioned the desire God laid on our hearts and felt that maybe we actually misheard his voice after all. When years go by and nothing seems to happen its so easy to loose sight of what God promised.

(Office space. I love the double doors and transom window)

This home was going to be another disappointment. The previous owners had actually accepted an all cash offer instead of ours. We had prayed before making an offer on this house and felt that this was it. Mostly because it was nothing we were actually looking for. We never really wanted to live in a neighborhood and we had never even looked at newer homes prior to this one. I was devastated because I just had a “feeling” this was what the Lord had wanted for us. Maybe that sounds weird to you if you don’t believe in divine timing. Fast forward a few days and we get a call from our relator that the other party decided to not move forward with their purchase and pulled out. If we wanted the home we had to submit another offer. We did and 30 days later – it was ours. A funny backstory for you, this was the second offer that had fallen through on them. The first offer they had went only a few weeks away from closing before they pulled out. It makes me smile to think how even in my unknowns God was working for us in the background. The original purchase price was out of our budget which is why we waited to make an offer until they had lowered their price and maybe none of that would have happened had that first buyer followed through. It’s hard to know exactly what was going on in the background but I know that it was working out for our good.

(I love the living room with the coffered ceiling, double fireplace and large windows. The main floor also has 10′ ceilings)

The dining room has the other side of the double fireplace and more big windows overlooking the big yard and some woods. We found out after living here that there is actually a creek that runs through these woods. When we first started praying (8 or more years ago) for land/a house Jordan always prayed it would have a creek or river running through it. How amazing is that? We had no idea it was even there!!


(Mudroom off the garage)


(Master Bedroom has a vaulted ceiling and more large windows over looking the wooded area)

We love the little cute pole barn. It has an unfinished second floor that has endless possibilities. We are so excited to make this house our home and our own.

My mind has already dreamt up so many ideas. I can’t wait until next spring so I can start on Landscaping/ adding a garden.

There are many things to do here but we are going to do them over time and as our budget allows. The carpet is in pretty rough shape and honestly, I’m not a fan. We will eventually have hardwoods throughout and if you follow on Pinterest you have probably already seem all the flooring pins I’ve been making. Did I mention the basement floors are heated!? That will make cold Michigan winter months super cozy!!!

Although I do miss our old home, I am so aware of how small we lived for many years. Having more space is something I never thought I would want but it’s SO nice to have and the large yard is amazing. The kids can go explore the ravine and creek, play soccer or ball and not have worries about breaking a window or hitting a car.

I am so thankful that we let God lead us to this place. We never settled on a right now but instead believed (sometimes with frustration) that there was something better for us and we just needed to be patient until it all fell into place.

There are so many small details I am leaving out of how his faithfulness was present in all of this. If any of our recent decisions had been in a different order this wouldn’t have came together. Again, divine timing.

I can’t wait to take you along on the journey of updating our new home!!




  1. JoAnn Ferrante says:

    Congratulations! The house is beautiful and I can’t wait to watch you make it your own. 🏡💚

  2. Cindy Gephart Gephart says:

    So happy for you can’t wait to follow along.

  3. Charlene Hoekstra says:

    Reading your story resonates with me so much, I needed to hear this at this exact time as my husband and I actually sold our house in 3 weeks but didn’t get the property we dreamt about and it feels so very disheartening. We have been praying and looking for years as well so when our house sold we thought “finally” our time has come. We actually had until today to find another property or else the deal falls through. So many things I’m leaving out but it’s just so hard to let our house go off the market. I’m encouraged by your words as God is working behind the scenes and we have to trust his timing.
    So thank you for sharing your story and I am so HAPPY you have your answer to prayer for you and your kiddos and a creek 😁

  4. Karla Fisher says:

    Oh my word Ali, I am so excited for you. God ALWAYS has a beautiful purposeful plan and this just goes to show how amazing it is when we leave it all in His hands. Can’t wait to see all you do to make it home!!

    Love you friend!

  5. Lisa Kaiser says:

    What a beautiful home & what a beautiful blessing the Lord has given your family! Thanks for sharing a bit of your story. It encourages my weary heart that the Lord is always working for our good, even when we cannot feel or see it.
    Excited to see you put your talents into your new home!


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