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No Sew Powder Room Sink Skirt

After Painting our main floor Powder Bathroom Bourbon Street (you can see that here).

The powder room has a pedestal sink and it functions perfectly fine here so there was no need to replace it BUT I did want to add a little something extra to it – A sink skirt.

After searching Etsy for the perfect Block Print fabric, I finally found the perfect one. I knew with the rich Mauve walls this fabric would be the perfect compliment. I went with the natural linen background because I wanted a soft transition and a stark white would be to harsh,

I wasn’t actually sure how I was going to pull this off. I have never made a sink skirt before and the Pedestal Sink had an ornate shape. I knew I didn’t have many options for attaching the Fabric to the sink. I decided that Velcro was going o be my answer. I had found an extra strength adhesive Velcro that would attach to my fabric and the Porcelain sink.

I also couldn’t find my sewing machine from our move so I am making a No Sew Sink Skirt perfect for anyone that knows how to iron. Which brings me to the face that I also couldn’t find my iron haha. We had a lot of hurtles to jump but a steamer worked just fine!

Steps to Make a No Sew Sink Skirt

  1. Measure and cut your fabric to the size of your sink. I made No pleats due to my fabric pattern running width wise. I didn’t have enough to add pleats.
  2. Use Heat Tape to Hem the fabric edges. I made sure to leave a 1/2″ around all sides so that I could hem the raw edges of the fabric.
  3. Fit your hemmed fabric to make sure it fits well before adding your Velcro Tape.
  4. Add the Velcro backing to the edges of the sink first. I added them to each side that was near the wall and then attached tabs around the sink/fabric as I went. I used one long strip of velcro in the front of the sink to ensure that as littles washed their hands it would remain secure.
  5. Enjoy what you made!!

This has been one of my favorite No Sew projects to date. It took me around an hour from start to finish and look at what this space looks like now. It made a huge impact! You can see Video footage of this project on my Instagram page Mustard Seed Beginning. 

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