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It’s that time in Michigan again where the Peaches are ripe and Harvest is plenty. The boys and I recently went to Square Nail Farms to pick some Fresh Peaches and it’s something we look forward to doing each year. Peaches, Cherries, Apples, Blueberries – we love picking them all. The joy and excitement on […]

Picking Michigan Peaches and a Healthy Peach Dessert

  Our mailboxes were…..GROSS. So gross. It’s pretty embarrassing actually. The last straw was when my door fell off and we used a zip tie to keep it on hah. The wood was pretty worn and beat up but I found this amazing paint that is specific for weathered tired wood that isn’t rotten. It’s […]

Adding Curb Appeal with a Mailbox Refresh


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For our 10 year anniversary trip we wanted an adventure and an escape from our busy lives. We had planned, postponed and changed plans a handful of times due to kids, work and different commitments that had come up and honestly we almost just threw in the towel and canceled all together. There is ALWAYS […]

Hiking in the Ozarks

Family Life

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I recently started pulling out all our Christmas/Winter decor. Jordan likes Christmas after Thanksgiving but when Snow Starts flying I just cant help but start sprinkling bits of twinkle here and there. We DO wait until after thanksgiving to cut down our Christmas Tree. Its a tradition we look forward to each year. This is […]

Christmas Living Room

Home Decor

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"The smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of happiness."

henry david thoreau